HAMMER @ADM2021 International Conference

HAMMER will attend at the ADM2021 International Conference in Rome from 9 to 10 September 2021.

The ADM2021 International Conference aims to provide a national and global forum for presenting and discussing the latest advances in Design Methods and Tools in Industrial Engineering, Mechanics, Materials, and Technology.

Our contributions will cover:

Session 6.1a – Integrated Methods for System Design, Simulation, Analysis and Optimization (III)
“3D-printed pure copper: density and thermal treatments effects”.
RAGO, Ilaria; IANNONE, Marco; MARRA, Francesco; BRACCIALE, Maria Paola; PAGLIA, Laura; ORLANDI, Donato; CORTIS, Daniele; PETTINACCI, Valerio.

Session 6.2 – Design for Additive Manufacturing (III)
“Additive Manufacturing Design of an Argon Condenser made with Pure Copper Powder for High-Purity Physics Applications: Technological Issues”.
CORTIS, Daniele; LALLI, Alessandro; ORLANDI, Donato.